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Area Rugs Pads

Buying a new area rug? Make sure you get a rug pad too. You can prevent potential accidents and give your rugs increased comfort by investing in a rug pad today.

Area Rug Pads

Area rug pads are an essential accessory for every household. They serve as a prolonged protectant of both your floors and area rugs, therefore ensuring the longevity of your floors and keeping your rugs as good as new.

At Piedmont Floor Show, we highly recommend going for a rug pad that is consistent with high-quality materials that won't stick to or stain your floors.

You can essentially choose between 3 types of area rugs:

Cushioned rug pads

It’s all in the name- rug pads so comfy, you can even sit on them. These are best used for larger area rugs where the rug is also anchored down by furniture. Hence grip would not be a significant need. Cushioned rug pads are great for living spaces where your family will spend time the time in, such as lounge areas, bedrooms, children’s playrooms, and even dining rooms.

Non-Slip rug pads

These pads are designed solely for the purpose of preventing any slips. The non-slip rug pads are ideal for runners and throw rugs and stick firmly to the floor to avoid any accidents.

Grip + cushioned rug pads

This type of rug pad has the best of both worlds and is an amazing option for area rugs under 6x9 and also thinner rugs that have the tendency to fold easily. The combination of rubber ( for grip) and felt ( for cushioning) is the most popular choice amongst our customers. Cushioning also comes in a wide variety of thicknesses for your individual needs.

Head on over to our store here in the heart of Virginia, where our representatives will be happy to advise you on your area rug pad questions and concerns.